Looking for a job that pays at least $100K? Denver has more than its share of those

When it comes to cities where employers are advertising the most high-paying jobs, Denver is more than pulling its weight, thanks to a surge in tech industry openings.

Metro Denver has 5,760 postings for jobs paying $100,000 or more this month, which ranked 11th among major metro areas in the U.S., according to a new study from Ladders, a career website for high-paying jobs.

San Francisco was the national leader with 25,116 jobs at $100,000 plus, followed by New York City with 22,648, Washington, D.C., with 17,274 and Boston with 12,399.

“We are seeing a real strength in the growth in high-paying technology jobs,” said Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of Ladders. “The Silicon Valley gold rush is jumping over the mountains.”

Nearly half, 48 percent, of the high-paying jobs posted in metro Denver are in technology. Nationally, tech jobs accounted for 39.8 percent of the postings available on Ladders.

Another way to compare the numbers is to look at the share of high-paying openings versus the number of employed workers. Using that ratio, Denver’s share of high-paying openings ranked fifth in the country behind only San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Seattle.

On a per-capita basis, Denver handily beats rivals in the interior of the country like Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Minneapolis when it comes to creating high-paying jobs.

The addition of more high-paying jobs into the mix helps explain several things about the local economy, such as why landlords continue to build luxury apartments with rents running above $2,000 a month and why home prices continue to rise at some of the fastest rates in the country.

Ryan Gedney, a senior economist with the Colorado Department of Labor, said separate counts of online job postings from the Conference Board support what Ladder has captured from its clients.

There were about 75,000 posted openings online in metro Denver in April. Nearly 10 percent of those, about 7,400, were in management, an occupation where wages average around $138,000 a year, according to the most recently available numbers, Gedney said.

Even more postings, about 11,900, were in computer and mathematical, where the average pay is just shy of $100,000, he said.

“It seems like a higher concentration of jobs are coming in higher-paying jobs over the past year,” he said.

Nationally, the number of job openings now matches the number of unemployed last month, which made headlines. But Gedney said Colorado employers had posted ads for 125,000 jobs online last month. The number of unemployed in the state in March stood at 90,600.

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