In-N-Out firming up plans in Colorado Springs

In-N-Out Burger’s arrival in Colorado Springs is a few years away, but plans are taking shape for the north side distribution center, patty production plant and offices that will serve the company’s restaurants in the state.

The uber-popular, California-based burger chain announced in November it would expand to Colorado and open its first restaurant – along with distribution and production facilities – in the Springs.

At the same time, the company and suburban Denver real estate company Westside Investment Partners said In-N-Out would build at Victory Ridge, Westside’s sprawling, 153-acre mixed-use development southeast of InterQuest and Voyager parkways.

Documents submitted to city planners this week show In-N-Out is expected to build its distribution center, patty production plant and offices on 20 acres on Victory Ridge’s northeast corner – along InterQuest Parkway and south of Pikes Peak Community College.

Andy Klein, a Westside principal, said there’s no particular strategy to the location of In-N-Out’s facilities on Victory Ridge’s northeast side, other than land was available. The location, however, would give In-N-Out’s facilities strong visibility and allow access to InterQuest and Voyager parkways and then to Interstate 25 just to the west.

In-N-Out hasn’t yet purchased the land; a closing on the property is expected this summer, Klein said.

"It’s definitely several months away," he said.

As part of the documents it submitted, Westside is asking the city to approve a zone change and concept plan amendment that would allow an industrial use at Victory Ridge property. Another portion of Victory Ridge already is home to the Icon Cinema movie theater complex; other areas of the development are expected to accommodate stores, restaurants and apartments, among other uses.

In-N-Out’s restaurant at Victory Ridge would be built near the InterQuest and Voyager intersection, on land already zoned for that use. Klein had said previously the restaurant is likely to open in 2020; the patty production and distribution facilities are expected to be up and running at that time.

Colorado is joining California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Texas as home to In-N-Out, whose more than 300 restaurants have a cultlike following for their burgers, fries and shakes.

Some commercial real estate experts have said Colorado Springs likely was chosen as In-N-Out’s headquarters in Colorado because the city’s central location would allow the chain’s trucks – carrying never-frozen patties – to more easily reach cities in the state and, eventually, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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